It is Mandatory to File ITR

We provides Income Tax Return (ITR) filing services for all the Defence Personnel i.e. (Indian Army, Indian Navy & Indian Airforce), Paramilitary Soldiers i.e (CISF, CRPF, ITBP, SSB, BSF, Indian Coast Guard & Assam Riles) & Ex-servicemen. It is completely online process wherein soldiers don’t need to go anywhere, they just need to upload the required documents and then our team of qualified CA’s will evaluate & file accurate ITR according to information you provide  at the earliest.

The filing of income tax return (ITR) is a way of self-declaring to the government about the total income that you have earned in current financial year and that you have paid taxes on that income accordingly. (As per the latest income tax rules, it is mandatory for an individual to file ITR if his income/expenditure/investments meet certain criteria.

As per the income tax laws, ITR must be mandatorily filed if a resident individuals total income during the financial year exceed the basic exception limit. Remember, the basic exemption, limit for an individual depends on his age. For the FY 2020-21, the basic exemptions limit is as follows:-

Age of an Individual
Basic Exemption Limit (Rs)
Below 60 Years of Age2,50,000
Between 60 & 80 Years of Age (Senior Citizen)3,00,000
80 Years & Above (Super Senior Citizen)5,00,000

Therefore, if your gross total income exceeds the amount mentioned in the table above, you will have to mandatorily file the income tax return (ITR).

Moreover, the Income Tax Act, 1961 was amended through the Finance Act 2019 to make ITR filing mandatory even if gross total income is below exemption limit if an individual has deposited Rs 1 Crore or more in current account spend Rs 2 Lacs or more on foreign travel or paid electricity bill of Rs 1 Lacs or more in a particular financial year.

Hence, we urge all Defence Personnel, Para-military Soldiers & Ex-servicemen to file income tax return (ITR) every year & not only file it when you are getting refunds.

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